Convincing the non-awares

Most people, especially younger ones who are striving to get ahead in their career, have enough just to cope with satisfying their bosses and raising their families

They don't have time to read serious stuff about limits to growth and the kinds of concepts found in my presentation.  The title "Peak Oil and the Fate of Humanity" might just appear too daunting to them.

With that in mind, on July 27, 2005 I have created a parallel web site more appropriately named CRAZY GAS PRICES!

Hopefully, the title will ring closer to home for them and will pique their curiosity.  This site contains only the first two chapters.  If they read up to the last page, they will then find an invitation to read the whole ebook.

When you talk to acquaintances about peak oil and carrying capacity, you typically get a blank stare, if not outright repudiation of what you are saying. My hope is that we could attract them to this web site indirectly by tempting them to discover why gas prices are so high.  This, most people can relate to.

Robert Bériault

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